Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Roads Projects & Maintenance Director at the Ministry of Works, Municipalities & Urban Planning Eng. Raed Al Salah visited Tubli to inspect progress in the dirt roads revamp project in Block 711- Road 1135 and the environs, and also Avenue 23. Al Salah was accompanied by a number of engineers from the Ministry.
According to Al Salah, the projects are part of the Ministry’s plan to improve infrastructure and accommodate citizens’ needs. He also said that priority is given to the paving of dirt roads in urban areas and creating an integrated roads network in all area in the Kingdom.
Al Salah revealed that the paving of dirt roads in Tubli 711, Road 1135 and the environs has progressed by 40%. The total length of roads involved in the project is 10km.; serving 821 residential units.
The BD2,362,174 project was awarded to Sayyed Kadhim Al Dirazi Contracting. Work comprises of removing the old and deteriorated paving layers, levelling works, protecting existing services, implementing ground channels for present and future use, implementing a storm water drainage network, lighting, implementing pedestrian pavements and parking spaces, and implementing reclamation layer type A.
After that, Al Salah visited Avenue 23 in Tubli, which is now 90% complete and work is expected to complete in February this year. Work comprises of revamping Avenue 23 at a length of 650m, implementing storm water drainage channels and connecting them to the sewerage network, protecting electricity, water and telecommunication connections, installing light poles, implementing pavements on the sides of the avenue, signage, implementing pedestrian pavements, central reservation and a traffic signal. 
The total length of the road involved in the revamp works is 3.386km.
The BD539,104 project was awarded to Al Wardi Contracting. 

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