Sunday, February 22, 2015


Works, Municipality Affairs & Urban Planning Assistant Undersecretary for Technical Services Eng. Ahmed Abdul Aziz Al Khayyat revealed that the Ministry awarded 4 sanitary tenders worth BD752,885,750, 2 tenders for the construction sector worth BD138,011,000, 1 roads tender worth BD630,983,040 and 2 other projects tenders worth BD135,245,080. The total number of awarded tenders during January 2015 amounted to 9 tenders.

 The Ministry also invited bids for 2 projects in the sanitary engineering sector; worth BD733,650,000, in addition to inviting bids for another 5 projects in the construction sector at a cost of BD180,000.000.

According to Al Khayyat, the awarded tenders covered the roads, sanitary and construction sectors. In the roads sector, the awarded tenders covered the BD630,983  road revamp in Blocks 304 & 311 in Manama, while the sanitary engineering sector covered a number of projects, including providing technicians and preventive maintenance tools for sub-sewerage plants for the period of 2 yeas (2013-2014), providing back up consulting services for the Sanitary Engineering Planning & Projects Directorate’s projects Type (C) and studying and improving performance and efficiency of sewerage water flow in sewerage networks.    

As for the 9 tenders for which bids were invited, the sanitary sector included the consultancy services for the design of the main sewerage discharge line in North-East Muharraq and the consultancy services for the design of the main sewerage discharge line extending from Juffair to Tubli.
In the construction sector, the tenders for which bids were invited covered Jaw Girls School Project, while the roads sector included inviting bids for the revamp of Sh. Hamad Highway- Phase 2 (from roundabout 16 to Bahrain University), and the before and after Contract consulting services the North Manama Causeway Project - Phase 2 & the link causeway to Busaiteen.

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