Thursday, February 19, 2015


Roads Assistant Undersecretary at the Ministry of Works, Municipalities & Urban Planning Eng. Huda Fakhro and Roads Planning & Design Director Eng. Kadhim Abdul Latif met with Chairman of Muharraq Municipal Council Mohammed bin Abdulla Al Sinan, representative to the 4th Constituency Mrs. Sabah Al Dosari and Mr. Foad Al Khayyat from Seef Mall Management. The meeting aimed to look into ways of providing alternative entrances to the new Seef Mall in Muharraq.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Al Sinan stressed that Muharraq Municipality continues to implement development projects that will improve Muharraq and stimulate national economy in the country.

Mrs. Al Dosari referred to the importance of designing roads that properly serves people going into and out of the mall to alleviate traffic congestion along other roads in the vicinity. 
On her end, Fakho stressed that the Ministry’s Roads Affairs has closely followed up the issue of Muharraq’s Seef Mall Project in Arad, by organizing a number of meetings with the party investing in the project and the concerned parties in Muharraq Municipal Council and also representatives from GOYS; being the owner of Muharraq Club, whose land the mall was constructed on.

Fakhro explained that the Ministry, in order to facilitate entering and existing from the mall, has implemented a number of urgent solutions, including implementing phase 1 of the road located at the Northern side of the mall (prior to the opening of the mall). The newly implemented road will be connected to Avenue 40 using a traffic signal.

According to Fakhro, 90% of the detailed designs for the remaining parts of the project have been completed, prior to actual implementation. Also, Phase 1 of Avenue 74 revamp will be implemented; where an integrated roads network will be constructed between Avenue 47, Avenue 45 and Avenue 28 (located at the Southern side of the mall). The project will alleviate traffic congestion along Avenue 40 and Avenue 29, by accommodating traffic coming from Hidd, Arad and the Halats.

The Ministry is sparing no effort to complete the detailed designs for this part of the project at the earliest.  It is hoped that bids for the project will be invited as part of the Ministry’s projects 2015-2016, following coordination with all concerned entities and once the needed budget is allocated for the project.

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