Monday, September 28, 2015


The Assistant Undersecretary for Construction Projects & Maintenance at the Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs & Urban Planning Eng. Mona Al Motawa visited Hamad Town Intermediate School for Boys, accompanied by a number of engineers from the Ministry, the project consultant and contractor.   

According to Al Motawa, the Ministry has completed the foundation works on the school main building, in addition to the guard room, the power sub-station and the water tanks room, all of which have already been handed over to the Electricity & Water Authority. Work is underway to complete the internal finishing works and the electromechanical works; with 69% progress achieved so far.
Hamad Town Intermediate School for Boys is part of a string of projects implemented by the Gulf Development Program for the Ministry of Education; in support to education and development requirements in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The Ministry’s Construction Projects Directorate has designed the school based on the recent requirements of the Ministry of Education. 

The BD3,850,321 school, which is funded by the Saudi Development Fund, is constructed on a piece of land of an area of 11135m2 and a total construction area of 16165m2. The main school building comprises of a ground floor and 3 additional storeys with 30 classrooms. The school has the capacity to accommodate 1000 students, in addition to 210 staff from both the educational and administrative faculty. 

The school’s main building includes multi-purpose laboratories for science and computer, in addition to a library, offices for the teaching and administrative faculty, sports hall and other service facilities such as a cafeteria, toilets and store rooms. A separate building houses pottery, porcelain and agriculture workshops, in addition to a guard room. 45 parking spaces will also be provided, in addition to bus stops and an air-conditioned waiting area for students.

Al Motawa explained that the school building has been designed based on the latest MoE’s requirements, which include sustainability, green buildings and energy saving measures; such as thermal insulation for roofs and walls, double-glazing windows to reduce noise, sensor taps in bathrooms, energy saving lighting systems, acoustically insulated vinyl flooring, and paints with low volatile and anti-carbon organic compounds to paint walls internally and externally.

The design also takes into account providing all the facilities needed for students and staff with special needs and also pregnant women, such as constructing a special parking lot close to the main school entrance, providing slopes on all entrances, using non-slip vinyl flooring in all rooms, corridors and stairways, in addition to providing elevators close to all entrances and toilets with a size that properly accommodates the needs of those students. 

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