Monday, May 18, 2015

Roads Projects chief  at the Ministry of Works, Municipalities & Urban Planning Eng. Sayyed Bader Alawi revealed that Juffair Ring Road Project is now 65% complete. Additional works have also commenced to expand the road to 3 lanes on each direction, create a service road at the southern side of Juffair Ring Road and construct a road that connects Juffair Rig Road to Avenue 22; north of  Isa Cultural Center.
Alawi explained that the Ministry has completed implementing the central reservations, and has also paved lanes on the both directions with asphalt. The final layer of asphalt is to be implemented once the expansion works that have recently commenced are completed. Coordination is currently taking place with service entities to obtain the final approvals related to the service road at the southern side of Juffair Ring Road. 
Phase 1 of Juffair Ring Road project comprises of implementing a dual road with 2 lanes on each direction; extending from the interchange of Al Fateh Highway and Sheikh Duaij Avenue on the West to Al Najma Club on the East at a total length of 4.5km, providing multiple entrances to the new Juffair Area and implementing lanes for emergency parking.
Works also include opening an intersection on the eastern side to connect it to Juffair, implementing a cement central reservation, dredging and reclamation works, constructing brick pavements along the intersections, implementing a storm water drainage network and ground channels, paving works, implementing speed humps, lighting and signage works.
The BD2,057,000 project was awarded to Haji Hassan Group.
Eng. Fathi Alfarea, Road Construction chief also stated that Awal Avenue expansion project is now 73% complete; with 3 lanes off the avenue recently opened for traffic. The avenue is expected to be open for traffic by the end of June 2015.
Awal Avenue Expansion comprises of increasing its lanes to 3 lanes on each direction at a total length of 3.5km, providing side lanes and improving intersections based on the expansion needs, in addition to sewerage works, signage and installing safety barriers.
The BD759,337 project was awarded to Nass Asphalt.
All works are expected to alleviate traffic entering and existing Juffair along Sh. Khalifa bin Salman Causeway.
The projects will reflect positively on the touristic, commercial and economic sectors in Juffair. Once the revamp of Mina Salman Interchange and phase 2 of Juffair Ring Road are completed, there will be a non-stop traffic movement in Manama; connected to King Faisal Highway.

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