Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sanitary Engineering Planning & Projects Directorate the Ministry of Works, Municipalities & Urban Planning Eng. Asma Murad visited Saar Sewerage Project- Phase 4 to inspect work progress.
During the visit, Murad was briefed on progress achieved in the project, which is being implemented over 6 phases, 3 of which have already been completed. Phase 4 is presently underway, where Blocks 575 & 571 are to be connected to the sewerage network in the area. The BD5,495,000 project is now 61% complete.
The project consultant explained that the project comprises of implementing 14km main connections, 17 km sub-connections, constructing 2239 inspection chambers, 2 pumping stations and 1 lifting station, in addition to implementing 1800 house connections. The number of houses to benefit from the project is 751 houses. 
The project contractor is Ahmed Mansoor Al A’Ali, while the consultant is MWH Khonji. 

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