Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Ministry of Works participated in the Traffic Village, which was held in Amwaj Island as part of the 31st Gulf Traffic Week under the slogan ‘Your Decision Decides Your Fate’. The Ministry’s participation highlights its keenness to contribute to achieving the highest traffic safety levels along Bahrain’s roads network.
Roads Planning & Design Director at the Ministry of Works, Municipalities & Urban Planning Eng. Kadhim Abdul Latif explained that the Ministry is always keen to carry out their responsibilities and deliver their mission in relation to providing safety of all on the road, in collaboration with the Traffic General Directorate. The Ministry’s participation in the Gulf Traffic Week is an invaluable opportunity to inform the people about the Ministry’s efforts in the field of traffic safety.
Abdul Latif also reiterated the Ministry’s close cooperation with the Traffic General Directorate in their new traffic campaign ‘Rethink’; explaining that societal partnership is extremely vital to both create and spread traffic awareness amongst all society groups, and therefore maintain the safety of all road users and control wrong traffic acts.
The Ministry showcased the most important strategic roads projects in their section at the traffic village, where they introduced people to the most important traffic safety requirements, which are implemented by the Ministry’s Traffic Engineering Department. Examples of those requirements are traffic barriers with all its types, pedestrian barriers, traffic signs and instructions and traffic signals. Also, the Ministry played a short awareness film on traffic accidents and traffic safety requirements on the road.       

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