Sunday, March 1, 2015

  Roads Assistant Undersecretary and Head of Municipal Councils Coordination & Follow-Up Committee Eng. Huda Fakhro revealed that the Ministry of Works, Municipalities & Urban Planning is handling a number of infrastructure projects in Riffa, some of which are already complete like the revamp of Al Bayina Avenue with Roads 2727 & 2726, and the revamp of roads in Blocks 925 & 927 at a cost of over BD500,000.
Other projects completed in 2014 include the BD850,000 re-construction of Al Mohazwara Avenue, which is  vital road in Riffa, including the construction of a new junction along Road 3957. The Ministry has also recently completed revamping roads in Blocks 902 & 904 and paving Road 3409 and the environs in Block 934.
According to Fakhro, the Ministry is presently revamping roads in West Riffa Block 912, which commenced in June 2014 at a cost of BD2.5 million. Other projects under implementation at the moment include revamping Abo Shaheen Avenue, Daibal Avenue, and Noon Avenue at a cost of BD700,000. Work also commenced on revamping Sh. Ahmed bin Salman Avenue (Road 545) at a cost of BD657,000; at a length of 4.95km.
Other projects are included within the Ministry’s Roads Maintenance Program (2015) in Riffa, namely revamping roads in Block 905. Implementation will commence following the consent of all service entities involved in the project and once the needed budget is allocated for the project.
The suggested revamp works in Block 905 comprise of revamping the infrastructure in the area, constructing new roads, re-constructing old roads, paving internal roads and constructing brick pavements, implementing a storm water drainage network, lighting, signage and protecting other service networks.
As for sanitary projects in both East and West Riffa, Fakhro explained that the Ministry has started developing and extending sewerage networks in Riffa since 1997. The project has been divided into 13 stages (5 stages in West Riffa and 8 stages in East Riffa). All stages have been completed, except phase 6 in East Riffa; serving Blocks 901, 903, 905 and 909. The project is now 75% complete, where 51 houses have been connected to the network in Blocks 909, 905, 903 and 901. The project is planned for completion mid- 2015.
Also, the Ministry extended 26km sewerage connections out of a total of 33km. 92% of sub connections have been extended and 72% side lines have been extended. 900 real estates out of a total of 1740 have been connected to the network.        
Phase 6 of the BD8 million E6 Sanitary Project serves Blocks 901, 903, 905 and 909, and includes implementing 38km of main and sub sewerage pipes and constructing 7 pumping and lifting stations.

The project phases comprise of implementing stage 1 (Southern part of the project), which covers Blocks 903 & 909, and stage 2 (Northern part of the project); covering Blocks 901, 903 & 905. Works in both stages include implementing sub sewerage network, main inspection chambers, sub network and inspection chambers, house connections, pavement works and other related works, in addition to pumping stations and related works. Pumping stations and related works are to be implemented by the main project contractor.

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