Monday, March 30, 2015

Works, Municipalities & Urban Planning Acting Undersecretary and Technical Services Assistant Undersecretary Eng. Ahmed Al Khayyat received at his office Senior Civil Engineer Mohammed Jassim Al Aradi and Chief of Sewage Treatment Group Eng. Hameed Abd Ali Al Mahal, both of who have earned the Master’s degree.
Al Khayyat commended both engineers’ efforts to earn the Master’s degree from the Arab Gulf University on their own expense; explaining that the Ministry’s Top Management encourages such initiatives that contribute to enhancing performance and improving the quality of projects implemented by the Ministry.
Al Khayyat also stated that the open door policy allowing for higher studies in Bahrain’s universities has enabled many human cadres at the public sector to pursue their higher studies and realize their ambitions; in the light of the Civil Service Bureau’s legislations supporting self-training.
‘The Ministry of Works, Municipalities & Urban Planning, being a leading professional organization, is always careful to employ engineers with high competencies, whom we later train professionally to qualify them to handle technical and administrative tasks and responsibilities,’ said Al Khayyat.
The Ministry, represented by the Project Management Office, train engineers and technical cadres on project management in order to ensure that projects are implemented in the best way.
All sectors at the Ministry contribute to the application of project management system, which is a measurable system that employs the right amount of control and effort to all projects regardless of their type and classification.    

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