Sunday, August 2, 2015


As part of the plan aiming to improve infrastructure in Isa Town, the Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs & Urban Planning implemented a bunch of development projects in the 2nd Constituency of the Southern Governorate last year; in a bid to develop the city that is considered to be the oldest model city in Bahrain.

The Ministry’s Works Affairs Undersecretary Eng. Ahmed Al Khayyat explained that the Ministry has detected a number of applications in Blocks 809, 812, 814, 840 and 841 in Isa Town. He also added that the Ministry has already commenced the implementation of all applications. In Block 809, Road 916 has been re-paved and revamped with a new asphalt layer.

As for Block 812, Al Khayyat stated that the Ministry revamped Avenue 5 at a length of 810m with 2 lanes on each direction, in addition to organizing the intersections located between internal roads by constructing 2 roundabouts, constructing parking spaces on the sides of the avenue, protecting existing services, implementing ground channels for present and future use and implementing a storm water drainage network. Works also included paving works and creating pedestrian pavements, installing signs and lighting.

In Block 813, the Ministry implemented 2 projects; namely the revamp of Road 1332 and Road 1301. The revamp of Road 1332 comprised of constructing new pavements and parking spaces on the sides, in addition to paving the road using a new asphalt layer and implementing channels for future use. The revamp of Road 1301 consisted of implementing a new asphalt layer along the road.  

As for roads construct ion projects in the 2nd Constituency, Al Khayyat also added that the Ministry will implement a number of works and projects in Blocks 814 & 840, comprising of re-constructing and revamping roads in Block 814, removing old paving layers, carrying out levelling works, protecting existing services and implementing ground channels for present and future use, implementing a storm water drainage network in low places, improving the lighting network, constructing pedestrian pavements and parking spaces, carrying out paving works and signage.

Al Khayyat added that the Ministry will revamp Road 4013 in Block 840. Works will comprise of expanding the road located between Estiqlal Highway and Avenue 41 in Isa Town, constructing pavements on the sides of the road, re-constructing the road completely by carrying out levelling works and implementing asphalt layers as per the Ministry’s specifications. Works also include implementing a storm water drainage network, improving the lighting system and installing a traffic signal close the Ministry of Education’s entrance in the future. 


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