Sunday, August 9, 2015


The Roads Assistant Undersecretary at the Ministry of Works, Municipalities & Urban Planning Eng. Huda Fakhro revealed that the Ministry has achieved 62% progress in the revamp of Avenue No. 3 in Hamad Town.

According to Fakhro, the project is part of the Ministry’s programme aiming to improve infrastructure at the Northern Governorate and attend to citizens’ and residents’ needs. The project also aims to increase the capacity of the roads in the area and improve traffic flow, in addition to serving the housing projects in Hamad Town; as the project is expected to serve around 75 residential units and also Blocks 1020, 1203 and 1205.

Fakhro also added that the project comprises of revamping Blocks 1020, 1203 and 1205 at the cost of BD154,713. The project was awarded to Abdul Karim Al Jahrami Contracting.

Work includes transforming Avenue 3 into a dual 1,280m long road, revamping Roads 309 and 323 by constructing a new 7.5m wide and 935m long road with 2 lanes, removing the existing asphalt pavement and constructing a new 2 lane road extending from Avenue 3 to Roundabout 2 in Hamad Town, dredging and paving works, constructing pedestrian pavements and pathways, implementing a sewerage network, signage and lighting works in collaboration with the Electricity & water Authority.   

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