Thursday, August 27, 2015


Building Maintenance Director at the Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs & Urban Planning Eng. Huda Mirza stated that the Building Maintenance Directorate of the Ministry has recently commenced the complete maintenance works at Ahmed Al Fateh Islamic Center, which is one of the distinguished sights in the Kingdom of Bahrain.  The project is included within the Government’s plan for the year 2015 and is also part of the Ministry’s efforts aiming to maintain government buildings, ensure the safety of their structures, improve their internal environment and prolong their life span.

Mirza explained that the building maintenance directorate is working in collaboration with government ministries and entities over the year to carry out the necessary maintenance works in different government buildings. Recently, a number of buildings have been maintained and renovated to gradually become environment-friendly green buildings.

Mirza also stated that the maintenance works at the Ahmed Al Fateh Center comprise of replacing tiles, carrying out internal and external painting works, maintaining health facilities, replacing external lights with power-saving lights, fixing doors, windows and water extensions and replacing damaged health tools.

The maintenance works have cost BD176,846. 

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