Thursday, August 27, 2015


Public Relations & Media Director at the Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs & Urban Planning Fahad Buallay revealed that the Ministry’s Community Service Department of the Public Relations & Media Directorate received a total of 943 requests and complaints during the first half of 2015; 919 of which have been handled.

Buallay stated that the number of requests and complaints that the Public Relations & Media Directorate responded to within only 10 days from the date of reception, or less, amounted to 335 requests and complaints out of the total number of requests, with an average of 6 requests per day. The remainder requests underwent further investigation prior to response. The number of requests registered in the roads sector amounted to 763 requests, while the sanitary sector targeted 177 requests and other sectors received 3 requests.   

According to Buallay, March registered the highest number of requests; with a total of 200 requests, then came January with 188 requests, then February with 170 requests, then April with 165 requests, and May & June with  110 requests for each.

Most requests reached the Ministry via the phone (422 requests/complaints), then came Twitter with 86 requests/complaints, requests transferred from other directorates (62 requests), Tawasol (66 requests), personal visits (24), Instagram (13 requests), the mail box (6 requests), the radio (19 requests/complaints), and the email (3 requests).

According to Buallay, most requests in the roads sector are pavements and roads maintenance requests, roads revamp and expansion requests and new roads pavement requests. As for the sanitary engineering sector, most requests centered around the construction and upgrade of sewerage networks, the construction of storm water drains and connecting houses to the sewerage networks. 
The Ministry is keen to respond to any request or complaint in record breaking time; in response to directives from HRH the Prime Minister and HRH the Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and First Deputy Prime Minister.

Buallay urges citizens to contact the Ministry, represented by the Public Relations & Media Directorate, on the number 17545544 during the business hours, or through the fax no. 17155423, or the email address The hotline for the sanitary sector is 80001810, while defects in traffic signals can be reported to the hotline no. 80008383. Also, the Ministry’s electronic services can be accessed through the Ministry’s portal or the eGovernment’s portal All citizens and residents can follow the Ministry’s news and projects on the social media channels Twitter & Instagram (Bahrain_works).  

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