Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Roads Assistant Undersecretary at the Ministry of Works, Municipalities & Urban Planning Eng. Huda Fakhro visited the 2nd interchange along Sh. Khalifa bin Salman Highway and the road linking Roundabouts 13-18 in Hamad Town, accompanied by Roads Projects & Maintenance Director Eng. Sayyed Bader Alawi and a number of engineers working on the project. The visit aimed to inspect work progress.
During the visit, Fakhro was given a detailed explanation about the project, where she instructed the team to adhere to work schedule to ensure completion on due date.
Fakhro also explained that all concrete works along the second flyover are about to complete. Levelling works are presently underway along the road connecting the flyover to Roundabout 18 and the main highway. Also, safety concrete barriers are being implemented on both sides of the flyover. As for the road connecting Roundabouts 13-18 in Hamad Town, Fakhro stressed that that work is progressing well.
The project is considered to be one of the most important strategic projects implemented by the Ministry and is part of a string of projects presently being implemented as part of GCC Fund Program, which reflect the Government’s concern towards supporting development in the Kingdom and providing proper infrastructure services that accommodate people’s needs.
The new flyover will provide a direct access to Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman Highway; specifically for the traffic coming from Roundabout 18 in Hamad Town, the residential areas in the vicinity and also the Western villages, and heading north towards Manama.
The project comprises of creating a 2 direction flyover with 2 lanes on each direction. The new 24.2m wide flyover is to pass over the Sh. Khalifa bin Salman Highway at a length of 280km. Works also include constructing a 2 way road with 2 lanes on each direction at a length of 1.5m; connecting Roundabouts 13 to 18 in Hamad Town. This will alleviate traffic congestion along Sh. Hamad Highway and other internal roads in Hamad Town. Work also includes lighting and traffic safety works, paving roads in the vicinity of the project, landscaping and forestation works.
The BD7,466,985 project was awarded by the Tender Board, in coordination with the Saudi Development Fund, to a consortium of Nass Contracting and Al Yamama Company. Supervision has been assigned to PARSONS GLOBAL LIMITED.

At the end of the visit, Fakhro directed the team involved in the project to strictly adhere to all safety procedures during implementation.

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