Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Roads Planning & Design Director at the Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs & Urban Planning Eng. Kadhim Abdul Latif revealed that the Ministry implemented 2406 parking spaces worth BD435,000 in different Governorates last year. The total number of applications submitted from municipal councils amounted to 262 applications.

According to Abdul Latif, the number of parking spaces implemented at the Capital Governorate amounted to 520 parking spaces, while 536 were implemented in Muharraq, 900 parking spaces were implemented at the Northern Governorate and 450 implemented at the Southern Governorate.

He also added that the Ministry is considered to be a basic partner with municipal councils. Through this partnership the Ministry seeks to implement various projects and provide high quality infrastructure services to all citizens and residents in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This is done in line with the Government’s program to develop various areas in Bahrain on a constant basis.

‘By constructing more parking spaces, we aim to increase the capacity of roads, avenues and neighborhoods in Bahrain’s Governorates and alleviate traffic congestion resulting from wrong parking practiced by some drivers,’ said Abdul Latif.

‘Due to the rapid urban growth in the Kingdom and the increase in investment projects that has resulted in an increase in population, the number of registered vehicles has also increased in an unprecedented pace. This has, naturally, resulted in increasing the demand for parking spaces,’ he added.

The Ministry has conducted field surveys and traffic studies, and has also taken into account all requirements in all Governorates; as to determine the need for parking spaces near mosques, Ma’tams, schools and other facilities. Parking spaces are constructed on the sides of the road or within the external yards of the government lands allocated for this purpose.

The Ministry also acquires some pieces of lands, whenever needed, in order to expand roads or construct additional parking spaces; in coordination with service and concerned entities. This also aims to serve residential and commercial areas and alleviate traffic congestions.  

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