Saturday, April 11, 2015


In preparation for hosting the Formula 1 in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs & Urban Planning, represented by the roads and sanitary sectors, has inspected the roads and sewerage networks and implemented precautionary maintenance to both to ensure readability and safety of the networks.

The Ministry’s preparations for the event include the construction of the new parking lot No. 10, which has been paved as part of the parking spaces allocated for the Bahrain International Circuit; accommodating 950 vehicles. The yards close to the circuit have also been settled to be used as parking spaces for the guests; with an area of 200,000m2.

The maintenance works fall into the Ministry’s responsibility for providing proper and efficient infrastructure services that ensure the success of this international event. As the countdown for the Formula 1 begins, the Ministry has prepared and maintained the main highways; beginning with the main entrances to the Kingdom and ending with the Bahrain International Circuit. The Ministry has fixed the safety barriers along the main roads, painted road markings and pavements, cleaned traffic signs and replaced the damaged ones and also cleaned and maintained traffic signals.
Also, all road works along roads and highways leading to the event, in addition to any other works belonging to other service entities, will be halted and all lanes will be open for traffic.

The Ministry reiterates their readiness to handle any emergency that calls for immediate interference from their side, beside coordination with the Traffic General Directorate to ensure smooth and safe traffic movement on all roads.

The Ministry, therefore, urges all road users to take caution and adhere to traffic rules for their safety and safety of others.

The Sanitary Engineering Operation & Maintenance Directorate at the Ministry has cleaned storm water drains along Bahrain Bay Highway, and has also cleaned the water downstream pouring into the sea, in addition to inspecting the storm water drainage network in the area.
Precautionary maintenance works were also carried out to the sewerage networks at the Bahrain International Circuit, the sub-stations and the main stations. E4 and E4A stations; serving the Circuit, were also inspected, as well as the main E3 station.

The Ministry will provide 6 generators as a precautionary procedure in case of any power shortage. Tanks from the Circuit will also be provided to deal with any unexpected flood. Regulating and determining the path of the water tanks will be done in coordination with the Traffic General Directorate.

A crew from the Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs & Urban Planning will be available on site to tackle any emergency.        

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