Sunday, April 26, 2015


HE the Minister of Works, Municipalities Affairs & Urban Planning Eng. Essam bin Abdulla Khalaf received at his office MP Mohammed Ismaeil Al Ammadi, accompanied by Municipal Council member and representative to the Northern Governorate’s 10th Constituency Taha Al Junaid. The meeting was also attended by the Northern Municipality General Manager Ebrahim Al Ghatam, the Sanitary Engineering Assistant Undersecretary Eng. Khalifa Al Mansoor and Roads Planning & Design Director Eng. Kadhim Abdul Latif.

The meeting shed light on means of cooperation between the Northern Municipal Council and the Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs & Urban Planning.

MP Al Ammadi and Mr. Al Junaid presented a number of issues to the Minister, including forming a corporate committee between the Northern Municipal Council and the Ministry in charge of handling real estate issues, using the open yards in Hamad Town for the implementation of gardens or traditional stadiums, providing parking spaces for the benefit of some areas in need of additional parking spaces, preparing for the reclamation of the land close to Roundabout 18 entrance from Sh. Khalifa bin Salman Highway and fencing it after checking its ownership, treating the water stream underneath the petrol station in Roundabout 7, revamping Roundabout 14 district, allocating pedestrian crossings along Roundabout 18 Flyover Project, creating more gardens and green spaces in Hamad Town, allocating places for garbage containers, creating an exit point for Roundabout 14 residents, re-paving some areas in Blocks 1204 and 1214, and installing traffic signs in some areas in need.     

Khalaf reiterated the Ministry’s keenness to follow-up all proposals and look for proper solutions.

At the end of the meeting, MP Al Ammadi and Municipal Council member Al Junaid extended thanks to the Ministry for their concern towards the Northern Governorate and providing its needs and requirements.  

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