Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Assistant Undersecretary for Sanitary Engineering at the Ministry of Works, Municipalities & Urban Planning Eng. Khalifa Al Mansoor visited the Sewerage Network Upgrade Project Phases 2 & 3; located in various districts of Muharraq and the Capital Governorates. Al Mansoor was accompanied by a number of engineers from the Ministry, the project contractor and consultant. As part of the visit, he also inspected the upgrade of the sewerage network in Adliya.

 The project comprises of upgrading sewerage connections at a length of 17km, with different diameters varying between 150-400mm. The BD4,775,833 project was awarded to J.V Beton & Rohrbau Gmbh- Tubus.

Work already commenced in a number of areas at the Capital Governorate in March, including Um Al Hasam, Hoora, Zinj, Salmaniya, Gudaibiya, Adliya and Salhiya. The project is expected to complete by the end of this year, where a total of 11km long lines are to be upgraded.

Al Mansoor examined the project in detail, which has begun with TV survey to all the networks targeted in the project; aiming to closely assess the damages and the convenience of the planned upgrade work. Such works are done using modern techniques known as complete padding without the need to break up the old pipe. Other techniques include breaking up the old pipe and replacing it with a new pipe capable of accommodating water flow. Another technique is also to drag a new pipe within the old pipe using Calibration method.   

All works aim to increase the life cycle of sewerage networks and improve their competency and performance, which result in reducing below surface water seepage and alleviating pressure on sewage water treatment plants, in addition to reducing flows to pumping stations. Works are performed without the need for open excavation works, which saves time and reduces inconvenience to traffic and road users.    
The project is part of a complete sewerage network upgrade program implemented over a number of phases, the first of which has recently been completed. The present project represents phases 2 and 3, while phases 4 and 5 will commence soon. Phase 6, however, is still in the tendering process.

The upgrade works in Gufool and Salhiya were completed in February, as part of this project. Works in other areas at the Capital Governorate are being completed. Other sewerage upgrade works are to commence in Muharraq, in addition to areas in Arad, Hidd and Halat; in line with 2016 program. Those works are expected to complete in May 2016, where 3km long connections of various networks are to be upgraded. 

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